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About the Author/Teacher


Robert Shi (pronounced “shy”) is the Author/Teacher at the core of Drummer’s First Aid Kit (a River Point Road venture).  The following will touch on a few aspects of his background.  He likes to joke that he is a jack of all trades - master of SOME.

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Robert began drumming in 1976 and studied trumpet, piano, and drums extensively through private instruction and elementary, junior, and senior high school programs.  He went on to study music at R.C.C. in Minnesota and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he received a Bachelor of Music degree in 1988.  

He is a firm believer in continuing education and understands that, no matter what your skill level, there’s always more to learn.  To that end, he continues to study with great teachers such as Jim Chapin and also attends clinics whenever possible.

Teaching and sharing his knowledge always came naturally to Robert.  He was teaching younger kids to play drums while still in high school.  In 1988, after graduating from Berklee College of Music, Robert started Drumlab in a rehearsal space in Boston and moved it to Raleigh, NC in 1992. Owing much to Robert’s books and innovative teaching techniques, Drumlab quickly grew to be the most in demand lesson facility in NC, handling 100-150 students a week.  Many of his students have gone onto study at prestigious music schools, have successful careers in music and even to become successful teachers themselves.

In 2004 Robert sold Drumlab to one of his employees in order to devote time to the marketing of his books and CDs and to get the focus back to teaching.  Now teaching on a more intimate scale, he can concentrate on the students and his products without all the distractions that a operation the size of Drumlab demands.

In the early 1990’s Robert started putting his innovative ideas for improving the lot of drummers to paper.  Since then, he has written five books for drummers, which have received rave reviews from leaders in the drumming community.   
The most popular of his offerings are QUESTIONS…ANSWERED (a guide for new drummers) and DRUMMER’S FIRST AID KIT.  Both have been well received by the drum trade magazines and by many of the top players in the industry.
In 2000, he also developed a brand new concept, CLICK DISC 1 & 2, a metronome replacement on 2 compact discs. CLICK DISC is making it possible for drummers to practice on a full drum-set, (at full volume) to pleasing click tracks of shakers, tambourines and cow bells, in straight or swinging time-feels at various tempos...a truly great concept.  
All of the items are available at shop.drummersfirstaidkit.com and you can read some of the great feedback by clicking the Rave Reviews tab.
Robert has more books for drummers in the pipeline.  We’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Now as always, Robert Shi has a few pans in the fire and is always open to new touring and recording situations.

Robert plays for the song, has very solid time and stresses feel over chops.  If needed, however, he has a few tricks up his sleeve.  These qualities make him highly sought after by singer/songwriters, as well as song-oriented rock, pop, and alt. country bands.

Robert is especially drawn to the studio and has proven himself time and time again.  He has spent many hours in sessions and live performances with a multitude of groups and songwriters, including members of Counting Crows, Til Tuesday, and Ben Folds.  Also with the following groups:  Boston veterans Talking To Animals, Dish (Interscope Records), Evan Olson and Snuzz (both formerly with NC heroes Bus Stop), Milagro Saints (Mood Food Records), NC favorites Syrup, and many, many more. 

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Robert has always focused heavily on music, but has other interests, as well.

Moving back to the country (30 minutes S.W. of Raleigh in Chatham County, NC) nine years ago has given Robert the opportunity to give back to the community as a volunteer firefighter. (Such positions aren’t available in Boston or Raleigh)  Since that time, he has enjoyed the many training classes that are necessary and has thrived in the environment.  He threw himself into this new path and several years ago was offered a full-time FF gig.  He is now a Capt at Moncure Fire Dept.  Robert has earned several certifications, including Firefighter I & II, Driver Operator, EMT-B, Technical Rescuer (Vehicle and Machinery Rescue), Technical Rescuer (Ropes) and Fire Instructor I.   Robert was even honored with the award for Chatham County Station 8’s Firefighter of the Year for 2004.

Don't worry, the 24 hr shift schedules that FFs work allow plenty of time to continue to pursue his first love - music.

Robert has always been inclined to get all the way into whatever project is at hand.  As a drummer, he started tinkering and customizing his equipment early on.  Since then, he has built and repaired drums for himself and many of his friends and students.  Out of that, he developed an interest in woodworking in general.  Perhaps in his next life/career he will be a furniture artisan.

Robert was very active in Scouts and was a brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.  He feels that the scouting experience was pivotal in his development as a well-rounded individual.  Much credit also goes to his parents, who were both active as scout leaders.  Robert hopes to be able to pass the tradition on to his own kids when the time comes.

Robert’s highest calling and the thing he loves the most is, of course, his family.  His wife since 1998, Jennifer, is amazingly understanding and supportive of his many interests and encourages him to follow his muse.  He is blessed with two wonderful children, Samuel (born in 2001) and Caroline (born in 2004), who keep him thankful and happy in the most important gig he’s ever had—being Dad! 

Update - Samuel is now playing drums and Caroline is now plating piano.  Robert is one proud daddy!

Robert is also, very fond and proud of his Vizslas, Trooper & Boone.  To find info on these great dogs (an exceptional breed of pointer from Hungry), visit myvizsla.org, clubs.akc.org/vizsla/, or k9info.com/vz/.

Robert misses his first Vizsla, named Scout, very much.

 Drummer's First Aid Kit is a River Point Road venture.

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